, - Uncaria tomentosa


Una de gato, Cats Claw

: Rubiaceae

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, ā , (Calendula officinalis).

U. tomentosa U. guianensis, U. tomentosa .

(liana). ( ).



, .


: .

: .

: , .


* (0.15-4.60% , formosanine (uncarine B), pteropodine (uncarine C), isopteropodine (uncarine E), speciophylline (uncarine D), uncarine F, mitraphylline, isomitraphylline , rhynchophylline -isorhynchophylline), (quinovic acid = tomentoside A, B, Ursolic acid, uncaric acid, oleanolic acid, floridic acid, cincholic acid), , (β-sitosterol, stigmasterol, campesterol).


* (1-3). 0.036-3.83% (3). (chemotype) ; (POA), (TOA). (3). , -TOA -0.02% ; -TAO POA ( )(1,4-6).


, , , (, EBV), (CFS),  (RA), (OA), , , , , , .




  1:3, 45% – 6-18 . 

 – . - 2-6 .

 – 2-15 . 

 – 20-30%.












 – , (7,14).

(SLE) 35  

, 60 (POA) - 40 (RA),  

, , - -(11). 60 , 900 ( ) , 6 .

 – ( TOA) - 10-14 . ,















 (Atazanavir, Ritonavir, Saquinavir)  


 (FOLFOX-4, FAC)  

















POA ,  


, (7,8,14,15,21).



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